January 31, 2010

Dublin- Day 1


Nathan and I landed in Dublin this morning around 8:00 am after an uneventful flight.  We bought tickets to catch a city bus to the hotel, but after and hour we gave up and took a taxi.  We were exhausted after the flight as we didn't sleep at all during the 8 hours and it was about 3:00 am our time.


We are staying at the Croke Park Hotel in Dublin and it is pretty nice.  However, we spent the first 3 hours sleeping.
When we got up we went into the city centre and took a tour of the Trinity college library and hte Book of Kells (no photos were allowed).  Then we wandered on our way to another destination and did see a few interesting buildings like the random one below.


More later...

January 30, 2010



We tried something new on Thursday night.  We put some apple sauce into a bowl that suction cupped to Logan's high chair and gave him a spoon.  He managed to get all but one bite into his mouth.  I couldn't believe how well he did.  He was even able to hold the spoon the right way up!

Friday morning he had his check up.  He's a bit of a lightweight at 22 1/2 pounds and only in the 15th percentile, but his height is right at the 50th percentile.  I was talking to his daycare provider, Miss Suzanne, and she was wondering how he managed to eat so much and not gain weight.  He has a good appetite and I said that it must being going to brain power.  This about the little boy who's favorite thing to do is say "Ow" and hot himself on the head right now.  The "Ow" always comes first.

Friday night we had dinner with Nathan's parents at Chili's and Logan drank from a straw for the first really successful time.  He got so excited about it.  Straw's are pretty great.

January 21, 2010

Mommy and Me on a Saturday Morning

Logan and I like to giggle together sometimes.  A Saturday morning is a good time to do it, too.  My favorite thing is to pick him up from his crib in the morning and cuddle with him on the couch for a bit.  This cuddle time is getting increasingly short as Logan gets more and more rowdy and busy.  I'm going to take full advantage of it while I can.

January 19, 2010



Logan has been very busy lately trying to put on my shoes (photo above), learning to walk consistently, and not smiling at the camera. 
He does things every day that surprise me.  We were playing with some blocks and a plastic block that didn't match was in with the rest.  He picked it up and set it away from the other blocks because he knew it didn't go.  Yesterday, when I picked him up from daycare he was crawling around the room holding a car in each hand and rolling along on them.  Finally (my last anecdote), he found the dog's crate again and can now unlock it, crawl into it, shut the door, and giggle up a storm.  It is exactly the type of thing I did as a kid.


Temper tantrums are common at our house now.  Miss Suzanne (daycare) told me the other day that he managed to have a tantrum at a 2 year old level.  My child is advanced!

January 5, 2010

Our Happy Little Boy

Logan still prefers crawling to walking right now, but he has evolved his crawling into something new.  He now crawls on his hands and feet, but no knees.  It looks a little like a bear.  At times his feet get so far apart that he's almost doing a split.
Last night Nathan and I played a fun game with Logan.  It was "see which parent gets chewed up pretzel spit all over them".  Logan would crawl between us on the couch and talk and play while eating pretzels; inevitably the pretzels would not remain in his mouth for long.  It's hard to eat while you are busy giggling.

January 1, 2010

Holidays with the Wittes

We got all dressed up for church on Christmas Eve service at Valparaiso University's Chapel of the Resurrection.  It was quite a large crowd this year and was, amazingly, not as cold out as it usually is.  I think it was only in the 20's.

Nathan got a captain's hat to go with his boat for Christmas.  We opened presents with Nathan's family right after church.  There were some fun surprises.  One of Logan's favorites was a Elmo cell phone that he absolutely loves.

Nathan and I hosted dinner on Christmas day and had way too much food.  Nathan carved the remainder of the ham above.  I thought that he probably needed to wear and apron so that he wouldn't muss his clothes.

Ben and Logan played together as Dad played on his own in the background.

Nathan and I took Logan sledding on New Year's Eve.  He started screaming right when we would stop moving.  I don't know if it was because he didn't want to stop or a delayed reaction to the fright of moving down the hill so fast.  We'll try again next year.