June 22, 2011

Railway Garden

A couple of weeks ago we took Logan to the Taltree Arboretum to look at their newly opened Railway Garden. It is pretty darn impressive. It is outdoors and hosts a number of levels, tracks, bonsai plants, and towns. The garden is set up by railroad periods and illustrates the different eras of the railroad. You can read more here.  I know the Arboretum has big plans for continued expansion.  I shudder and what they have to do to maintain this garden during bad weather and winter months.

Logan walked around and around the railroad and pointed out all the trains.  Then it seemed to become a game as he tried to run away from me and then hide from Daddy.  There were a number of other people that walked around for a bit and Logan took an aversion to one little boy who seemed to be near us for a while.  That's strange for Logan who normally attaches himself to strange kids and immediately tries to be best friends.

June 1, 2011

Memorial Day Zoo Visit

Let me formally announce that we are expecting another Little Bitty Witte on 11/11/11.  Maybe I should rename the blog "Little Bitty Wittes" and make it plural?!

We took Logan to the Michigan City Zoo on Memorial Day.  A hot, but beautiful day to be outside.

No zoo trip is complete without a train ride

Took a bit to see the snake, then he backed up really quick

Loved hanging with random kids in the otter tunnel