July 29, 2009

One Who Runs

In front of the new Modern Wing at the Art Institute

Nathan and I spent our first night away from Logan last weekend to celebrate 6 years of marriage. We stayed at the Fairmont, in Chicago, and walked around downtown, Millennium Park, and the waterfront. We had dinner at Al Primo Dente in a nearby suburb; it's a Brazilian Steakhouse and we got to enjoy an all you can eat ensemble of food that was bought to our table. It was delicious! Sunday morning, we raced back to Nathan's parents house to see Logan.

A the Porter County Fair (Check out the plane over head)

I have a few more photos from the fair that I wanted to share. Logan found the people and things to see fascinating. Nathan and I did too. It's hard to not stare at some of the mullets and other interesting features. Fare thee well Fair, until next year!

Logan does a pretty good cow impression

Bath Time!

I was telling Nathan, the other day that Logan's name is Gaelic. He replied by informing me that it means "one who runs". I cracked up laughing, because he know I love the 1907s movie Logan's Run. I used to joke that Logan's middle name would be "sRun"...Logan sRun Witte.

July 22, 2009

So Comfy!

Logan is the fourth generation to rock in this chair. My grandmother rocked in it, my mother and her siblings rocked in it, and I rocked in it. I used this chair until I could no longer fit my rump into it. It's a great chair and I can't wait until Logan grows to love it as I have.

My mom has told me that my Uncle Joe used to rock himself to sleep in this chair. My grandmother would grab a blanket and tie him into the chair so that he wouldn't fall out when he fell asleep.

Logan seemed to enjoy exploring as he rocked and was a bit curious about the movement, but not scared. Nathan was right out of camera range to catch him if he lost his balance, but he managed to stay in the chair without a problem.

July 21, 2009

Growing Boy

I can't believe that Logan is 9 months old now and he's getting so much hair! He is getting very expressive, too. I know that he is my son because he is very grumpy when you wake him up from a nap. He would sleep all day if you let him.

July 18, 2009

Sleepy Boys

Nathan and Logan at bedtime

Logan pulled himself along on the floor last night and we were so excited. He's a bit stubborn about being on his belly, but seemed to be really happy when he realized that he could actually get some place.

I just liked these photos.

July 14, 2009

Sailing Days

Dapper Duo

The above photo should have been posted with the GWG photos and I must have missed it. Aren't they cute together?

We had a busy June and that has meant that I have been using July to relax and take a break from the craziness. Nathan, Dad, and I took sailing lessons the last Friday in July and managed to not kill ourselves.

I am preparing to sail. Notice that my clothes are still dry.

We learned how to rig these little one-person sailboats and how to sail them all by ourselves. The instructor warned us about flipping the boats, but said that no one ever does. Hmmm. After our 1/2 hour learning session on land, we got into the boats and away we went. It took me a bit to figure out how to move, but then I was off. Within a half an hour I had flipped my boat. I fell into the water as the boat tried to fall on me and I was hit on the head by my full water bottle and had a bruise and bump to prove it. As I was floating and trying to extricate myself from the line I swam around the boat and jumped on the center board to pop the boat back up. I, then, swam to back of the boat and crawled back on board. All told, it took about 2 minutes from the time I hot the water to when I was back on the boat. Dad didn't even see it happen. Of course, he managed to fall out of the boat, too, and I didn't see that happen, either.

I can sail! (kind of)

Dad looks like quite the sailor

Logan and Grandma

Our daycare was on a two week break and Logan got to spend those two weeks with his Grandma. I hear that he was a good boy and didn't give her too much grief. He's finally adjusted to anyone putting him down for his morning and afternoon naps now and is going to bed on his own around 7:30 and wakes up in the morning at 6:00. Not too shabby if you ask me.

Poor little guy caught a virus last week and had a 102 degree fever for a couple of days. But, other than a slight cough and runny nose, he is back to normal. That was a sleepless couple of nights.