July 29, 2009

One Who Runs

In front of the new Modern Wing at the Art Institute

Nathan and I spent our first night away from Logan last weekend to celebrate 6 years of marriage. We stayed at the Fairmont, in Chicago, and walked around downtown, Millennium Park, and the waterfront. We had dinner at Al Primo Dente in a nearby suburb; it's a Brazilian Steakhouse and we got to enjoy an all you can eat ensemble of food that was bought to our table. It was delicious! Sunday morning, we raced back to Nathan's parents house to see Logan.

A the Porter County Fair (Check out the plane over head)

I have a few more photos from the fair that I wanted to share. Logan found the people and things to see fascinating. Nathan and I did too. It's hard to not stare at some of the mullets and other interesting features. Fare thee well Fair, until next year!

Logan does a pretty good cow impression

Bath Time!

I was telling Nathan, the other day that Logan's name is Gaelic. He replied by informing me that it means "one who runs". I cracked up laughing, because he know I love the 1907s movie Logan's Run. I used to joke that Logan's middle name would be "sRun"...Logan sRun Witte.

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