June 23, 2009

GWG 2009

Nathan, Logan, and I attended the Great Witte Gathering last weekend. It was Logan's first reunion. We always get a matching t-shirt for everyone to wear and I designed it this year. It's a dandelion, but people liked to call it Sputnik. The back of the shirt had everyone's name listed in alphabetical order.

Wesley, Ethan, and Logan...2nd Cousins

We had a couple of new cousins this year and you can see how cute they are. Very little interaction between them, but I'm sure that will change in the future.

GWG 2009 Family Photo

There are a lot of us that travel far to get to GWG and its great to get everyone together. Allison missed it because she is studying in Spain right now. Logan cried because he missed her, or maybe it was because his diaper was wet.

Sisters kissing their Father's head on Father's Day

All three of us at the Dining Room table for the first time.

Logan is learning his name right now. He's pretty consistent with looking at you when you say it unless he's focused on something else. He hasn't been crying for more than 1 minute when we lay him down awake for sleep, too. That's a blessed relief, but we'll see how long it lasts. He's going to be cutting his fourth tooth any day now. I can't believe how quickly the other 3 have been emerging. How do they grow so fast.

Last funny thing...We have been saying Logan's name and clapping and smiling when he looks at us as a kind of reward. Last night Logan kept looking at Nathan as he was getting his diaper changed and would start clapping and grinning at Nathan. I guess he thought a reversal was in order. This morning he would grin every time one of us looked at him. We may have to think of a new reward for name ackowledgement, but this one has been awfully fun!

June 17, 2009

Infant Sized Dump Truck

Not the most comfortable seat for Logan, but he looks awfully cute.

Logan is 8 months old now and he's growing like a weed. Nathan and I have been working on a number of things with him:

1. Sitting without falling backwards on a whim.
2. Learning to get up on hands and knees.
3. Going to sleep without nursing. ( I think this battle is won!)
4. Sleeping through the night.
5. Going to sleep on our own. (20 minutes of screaming tonight, but I only had to go in there once to sooth him.)

June 8, 2009

Wedding Weekend

Over the weekend Nathan, Logan, and I traveled to Ohio to see our college friends Randy and Sara get married! It was great to see everyone again; I can't believe it's been 6 years already.

It was a weekend extravaganza at Salt Fork State Park with a BBQ Friday night, wedding at an intimate church on Saturday, Reception that evening at the park, and breakfast Sunday morning.

Sara and I looking only slightly awkward after the ceremony

The reception took place under a white tent on the park lawn. It was a really nice setup with long tables to dine at and fantastic food that was locally grown. The Governor of Ohio was in attendance at the resort Saturday evening, but for some reason did not make it down to the reception.

Whoa, where did that bright flash come from?

In other news...Logan got his first tooth on Friday. I attempted to take a photo, but he was not cooperating with me and kept trying to bite my fingers. I looked today and he already has another tooth breaking through. Both of the are on the bottom-center in his mouth.

June 1, 2009

Boys Watch Hockey and Girls Play Peanuts

Nathan, Logan, and I spent Saturday night and part of Sunday with Nathan's family. In part to celebrate Allison's birthday with a dinner at Maria Elena's and because we were all in Valpo at one time, which is becoming increasingly rare.

A few snippets to note:

-Mom to Allison..."What is the Spanish word for burrito?"...laughter ensued.

-Ben's refusal to continue playing games..."Boys watch hockey and girls play Peanuts."...Peanuts is a fast card game that I love and loathe at the same time.

-Nathan and Robin make a pretty much awesome team at Badminton. I felt sorry for the other team.

Logan took a nap on Saturday afternoon. He was pooped.

Saturday morning Nathan and I went to a bunch of garage sales and I will just list the many awesome finds so that you can be jealous of our booty:
-Car seat base (matches our) for $10
-3 pants, 5 shirts, 2 shorts, 1 swimming trunks, 1 sweater for about $6
-1 Atari machine with 2 games for $5
-1 xylophone for Logan for $1.50
-1 Little People farm yard for $1.50
-Hard cover of "The Wind in the Willows" for 50 cents
Logan took a long nap afterwards.

Logan has been expanding his horizon by leaps and bounds lately. His vocabulary is increasing to include a lot more consonants now and one of his favorite noises is "dada". Nathan likes that one. He sits up all on his own, but does tend to tip over when he starts to get tired. You have to watch him a bit. He has gotten up on his hands and knees, once, and it was very exciting. At this point he manages to scoot backwards and rotate his body around, but doesn't move forward yet.

Every day he seems to love a new toy that he ignored completely before. He likes his stackable donuts and loves to jump and play in his Johnny Jump Up and Play Saucer.

Sitting like a big boy in a real high chair for the first time.

Nathan and I went to Ikea on Mother's Day and bought Logan a $20 high chair. It's been working out really well and he sits in it like a pro.