June 1, 2009

Boys Watch Hockey and Girls Play Peanuts

Nathan, Logan, and I spent Saturday night and part of Sunday with Nathan's family. In part to celebrate Allison's birthday with a dinner at Maria Elena's and because we were all in Valpo at one time, which is becoming increasingly rare.

A few snippets to note:

-Mom to Allison..."What is the Spanish word for burrito?"...laughter ensued.

-Ben's refusal to continue playing games..."Boys watch hockey and girls play Peanuts."...Peanuts is a fast card game that I love and loathe at the same time.

-Nathan and Robin make a pretty much awesome team at Badminton. I felt sorry for the other team.

Logan took a nap on Saturday afternoon. He was pooped.

Saturday morning Nathan and I went to a bunch of garage sales and I will just list the many awesome finds so that you can be jealous of our booty:
-Car seat base (matches our) for $10
-3 pants, 5 shirts, 2 shorts, 1 swimming trunks, 1 sweater for about $6
-1 Atari machine with 2 games for $5
-1 xylophone for Logan for $1.50
-1 Little People farm yard for $1.50
-Hard cover of "The Wind in the Willows" for 50 cents
Logan took a long nap afterwards.

Logan has been expanding his horizon by leaps and bounds lately. His vocabulary is increasing to include a lot more consonants now and one of his favorite noises is "dada". Nathan likes that one. He sits up all on his own, but does tend to tip over when he starts to get tired. You have to watch him a bit. He has gotten up on his hands and knees, once, and it was very exciting. At this point he manages to scoot backwards and rotate his body around, but doesn't move forward yet.

Every day he seems to love a new toy that he ignored completely before. He likes his stackable donuts and loves to jump and play in his Johnny Jump Up and Play Saucer.

Sitting like a big boy in a real high chair for the first time.

Nathan and I went to Ikea on Mother's Day and bought Logan a $20 high chair. It's been working out really well and he sits in it like a pro.

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Annabug's Blog said...

Hey I found your blog! I love the part about the yard saling because I'm a huge bargain hunter. Great deal on the FP farm yard as I paid $3 for ours.