November 24, 2009

Go, Logan, Go!

Logan got his first haircut last Wednesday in our kitchen while eating dinner.  I used his dinner to distract him from what I was doing.  I thought it worked really well.  The photo above is post-haircut.  He seemed pretty happy with the result.  I kept the length long on top and just trimmed the ends and I trimmed around his ears and nape of his neck.  Now he has a more polished and professional look!  (Can't you tell with the food around his mouth?!)

Yesterday Logan took his first step without holding on to anything.  I was picking him up from his Daycare and was holding his hands while he walked and he decided he wanted to go to one of his little toddler friends.  One step, a pause, and then he fell on his rear.

November 23, 2009

My Little Turkey

Logan made his first drawing last week with the help of his daycare provider.  I was so excited when I saw that he actually drew on it!  He even helped put on the stickers.  Can anyone say "Picasso"?

November 17, 2009

Mount Baldy

Climbing to the top

At the top

We went to Mount Baldy at the Indiana Dunes last Saturday on what may be our last nice day until next year.  It was sunny and not too chilly and made for some great photos.  We climbed the trail to get to the top of the dune and really enjoyed ourselves while looking at the great views and exploring the sand and plants.  Logan only ate a little sand.
I'll post more photos tomorrow, because I liked a lot of them.

November 5, 2009

Mickey Mouse

Logan was, also, Mickey Mouse for Halloween.  He was twins with his big stuffed Mickey!  I picked him up a bit early from daycare last Friday and took him to my office and my coworker had his "lobster" 11 month old little girl there.  They liked to stare at each other.  It was pretty cute.

November 4, 2009


A few photos of Logan in his monkey outfit.  I'll post some more of him in his Mickey outfit tomorrow.  Enjoy!