September 16, 2010

Ride 'Em Cowboy

Logan has decided that Clyde is a horse.  You can see his riding attempt in the video below.

September 8, 2010

Many and Varied

These are all from late June as I'm a bit behind with some of my posts.  I couldn't help but show you these, though.

No, Logan can't be JUST inside his car.  He has to be inside his car AND on his daddy's lap.  One of many variations were Logan likes to multiply the silliness.  Another is to pull a a toy bulldozer (that is not meant to sit on, but he treats it like a riding toy) onto the couch.  He then sits on the toy while on the couch.  He, also, tries to sit on his rocking chair while sitting on the couch.  I see a trend here.

On Lake Michigan in June

Playing in a Depression

 Smearing Sand on his Face

 Really Happy about the Sand on his Face

 Deep Thoughts

His vocabulary is growing exponentially now.  Word explosion I presume.  His favorite thing is to now tell perfect strangers that I am his Mama.  Repeatedly.

Last night Nathan was watching Logan while I was at book club and Nathan texted me that Logan pointed out while saying “money” and “change” while Nathan was pulling out cash.  We have no idea where he picked those words up.  Then Nathan explained to Logan that he was trying to find the “comma” on his keyboard and Logan repeated “comma”.  So cute.

While I was changing Logan’s diaper last night he was doing a little exploring and I told him “penis” and “wee wee”.  He repeated both and then kept saying penis over and over again as I laughed.  Then I finished putting the diaper on and he said “Where’d it go?” and I said that I had to put it in the diaper.  He then said “Bye, bye penis.”  (He's going to love this story when he's 16.)