June 29, 2010

Summer is Here!

Logan was not very happy to get his first real haircut last month.

Nathan and I at a coworkers wedding

We are lucky to live so close to Lake Michigan that we can go to the beach on a  whim.  You'll be seeing a lot of Lake Michigan photos this summer.  If only I can get Logan to stop eating the sand.

Sunday night we Nathan put a video of fire trucks on his parents TV from YouTube.  Logan was glued to the TV set.  We would tell him to sit down and he would sit 6 inches from the TV.  Whenever he sees trucks on TV and the show cuts to another scene, Logan will look at me and say more.  So, I rewind the show and put on the trucks again.

He also tries to grab illustrations of fire trucks off of book pages and looks at me and says "more" so that I can turn them into 3d for him.  I don't have that magical skill.

Last weekend we road a school bus for about a mile to a Greek Fest, with friends, and Logan had a blast.  He, however, did not want to leave the bus and had a fit when we got off.  When we were heading back to the buses and one left without us, he had another fit.  How dare it leave without Logan!

June 10, 2010

Hockey fan

Logan is becoming a little Blackhawks fan. He held a Wii controller and swung it around while the game was on. We startled him a bit with our cheering when Ladd scored in the second period to regain the lead, but he started clapping along with us. He quickly learned how to yell "Gooooal!"

Not his best pronunciation, but we did get it on video!