September 27, 2009

Stories and Such

Logan has a bit of a cold right now and hasn't been feeling his best. Coercing a smile out of him for his monthly photo shoot was impossible.

I like to use this blog as a digital memory for me so that when my memory goes I can still look back at all the cute things Logan does.

Logan is crawling everywhere now and likes to chase the dog and cat. Sometimes he will be playing in our Living Room and will decide that he needs to go to the Kitchen. He will crawl around the corner so fast. I'll start calling his name to get him to come back and, all of a sudden, he'll come back around the corner and pause with a huge smile on his face.

The other day he was sitting on the floor and Clyde was hopping around attempting to play with Logan. Logan didn't quite get the game, but he was flapping his arms anyway. Clyde decided that Logan needed to be barked at to get into the game. As soon as he barked, Logan started crying. Poor little man.

September 23, 2009

Popcorn and Camping

Logan with his Flag

Logan attended his first Popcorn Fest and parade on September 12th. He was fascinated with all the people and even got to see his Grandpa walking in the parade with the Boy Scouts. It was quite hot that day so we took a little break at Nathan's office and then grabbed a bit more food before walking home. Logan fell asleep at some point during the walk.

Another sleeping Logan on a "hike"

We took a little camping trip to Whitewater Memorial State Park last weekend with some friends from Cincinnati. We stayed at a nice cabin and had bonfires at night and a picnic during the day. The park had a little beach that we went to and relaxed for a bit.

He walks with help (Logan, not Nathan)

September 21, 2009

Cutie Pie

We had a little Logan Photo Shoot to get a few options for images to put on his birthday invitations. I liked the images above, but they did not make it onto the card.

We went camping this weekend and had a blast (photos will come soon). It's nice to be back home, however, and we were greeted with our deck being completed. What a great way to do construction. Leave for a weekend and come back to it complete. It's all set for Logan's party now and the basement stair is no longer a death trap as it has a nice and safe railing around it.

Clyde likes to look out from the built in seat

September 10, 2009


Logan "talking" to Nathan or Nathan's belly?

Logan enjoys talking to people, things, and animals now. Unfortunately, we can't understand what he is saying because it all comes out as "Aaaah".

Nathan has mastered the art of protecting his face from Logan's little hands with this toy basket. Logan still manages to get his little paws in there, though. He has a look of concentration on his face. Logan's thoughts: Must grab Daddy's nose.

We went to Chicago on Labor Day to have a picnic with Randy and Sara. The fog cover was very strange and almost looked like smoke.

Nathan and Ben installing the mast on our Sailboat.

September 5, 2009

Go Cubs!

Logan and I attended our first Cubs game last week and the Cubs won! We had a blast and went with Nathan's coworker and his family. It was definitely a baby fest.

Logan is crawling everywhere now and getting into everything. He is a funny little boy. He was playing between Nathan and me in bed this morning and crawled toward Nathan and then said, "Aaaah" really loud right into Nathan's face. It was hilarious.
He loves playing in his daycare's Little Tikes foot car. He honks the horn and turns the wheel, opens the door and sits in the seat. He, also, makes car engine noises with his tongue sticking out. Last night we were crossing the street downtown and were passed with lots of cars. All of a sudden Logan starts making his car noise.

Nathan and I went sailing with his brother and sister today and Logan got to stay with his Grandma and Grandpa. Of course he went down for his nap like a pro. I wish he would always do that for me! When we got back from sailing he just stared at Allison with his mouth wide open for an hour until he warmed up to her and then he was all smiles and giggles.

September 1, 2009

Rocking Chair

Logan in the rocking chair...