May 12, 2009

Tallahassee- Part 1

Nathan and I took a number of photos while we were in Tallahassee, so I had to split them into 2 posts. Continue scrolling through this post to the next one to see all of the photos.

Logan's first plane ride.

We flew Southwest to take advantage of there great prices and discovered that we were guaranteed 3 seats if we changed Logan's diaper while people were finding seats. He always managed to have a dirty diaper, so that was never a problem. He did really well on the flight and didn't fuss at all. He ate, slept, and played during the 3 1/2 trip.

We took Logan to Alligator Pointe about an hour south of Tallahassee. I love ti there because it's clean, relatively secluded, and easy to get to. Logan liked the sand and hated the water as you can see in the photos.

We had a very nice trip and introduced Logan to his Great-Grandparents and second cousin in Gainesville. He was a little angel the whole time.

Happy Boy

Getting Worried


Tallahassee- Part 2

Standing in a hole that Nathan dug.

Completely worn out from the beach.

Curious about Sinclair.

Second Cousins