May 25, 2010

Little guy on the big playground

With the weather being nice out. Logan and Clyde like to watch for cars and say hi to the neighbors.

There's a park a couple blocks north of our house. Logan really likes the little playground there. The other day he was giggling the whole way making the loop: Climbing the steps, crossing the bridge, and going down the slide.

May 24, 2010

Little Blond Boy

As Nathan and I were helping clean out his parent's basement a week ago, I ran across these amazing black and white photos showing Nathan as a happy toddler, Doreen, and her parents.  I immediately asked if I could borrow them for a little while so that I could post them on this blog.

(The resemblance between Nathan and Logan is uncanny; but not only that, their gestures and posture are the same as well.  So cute!)

May 14, 2010


Two is always better than one. Right? And Logan still managed to get excited to see a third pacifier was waiting in his car seat this morning.

Logan and Robin were reading Harry the Dirty Dog. Logan likes to find the page with the truck, point at the truck, and say "truck".

May 12, 2010

On mothers day, we went to Nathan's parents. Logan really enjoyed playing piano with his aunt Allison. He sure loves pianos. He just needs to work on hitting the right keys... and rhythm.

On Monday, Logan insisted on feeding himself spaghetti-os. It was an instant mess.

May 4, 2010

Logan's first big tub bath

Yesterday, Logan had a new favorite word: Ouch! But he says it Oww! He used it anytime he got frustrated or impatient. Silly! Haven't heard him say it today though so I'm hoping that was a one day thing.

Up until now we've been using the baby tub. Logan has outgrown that now and had his first bath directly in the tub.

May 3, 2010

Logan and the Train

Logan saw the wood train set sitting on top of his bookshelf and he wanted to play with it.  We got a few photos and he was having a blast.

Last Thursday (4/29) Logan got his first timeout at Daycare.  He hit a boy twice his size and managed to scratch him a bit.  Logan the Bully had to sit for a little in his pack and play.