September 5, 2009

Go Cubs!

Logan and I attended our first Cubs game last week and the Cubs won! We had a blast and went with Nathan's coworker and his family. It was definitely a baby fest.

Logan is crawling everywhere now and getting into everything. He is a funny little boy. He was playing between Nathan and me in bed this morning and crawled toward Nathan and then said, "Aaaah" really loud right into Nathan's face. It was hilarious.
He loves playing in his daycare's Little Tikes foot car. He honks the horn and turns the wheel, opens the door and sits in the seat. He, also, makes car engine noises with his tongue sticking out. Last night we were crossing the street downtown and were passed with lots of cars. All of a sudden Logan starts making his car noise.

Nathan and I went sailing with his brother and sister today and Logan got to stay with his Grandma and Grandpa. Of course he went down for his nap like a pro. I wish he would always do that for me! When we got back from sailing he just stared at Allison with his mouth wide open for an hour until he warmed up to her and then he was all smiles and giggles.

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