June 8, 2009

Wedding Weekend

Over the weekend Nathan, Logan, and I traveled to Ohio to see our college friends Randy and Sara get married! It was great to see everyone again; I can't believe it's been 6 years already.

It was a weekend extravaganza at Salt Fork State Park with a BBQ Friday night, wedding at an intimate church on Saturday, Reception that evening at the park, and breakfast Sunday morning.

Sara and I looking only slightly awkward after the ceremony

The reception took place under a white tent on the park lawn. It was a really nice setup with long tables to dine at and fantastic food that was locally grown. The Governor of Ohio was in attendance at the resort Saturday evening, but for some reason did not make it down to the reception.

Whoa, where did that bright flash come from?

In other news...Logan got his first tooth on Friday. I attempted to take a photo, but he was not cooperating with me and kept trying to bite my fingers. I looked today and he already has another tooth breaking through. Both of the are on the bottom-center in his mouth.

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