June 23, 2009

GWG 2009

Nathan, Logan, and I attended the Great Witte Gathering last weekend. It was Logan's first reunion. We always get a matching t-shirt for everyone to wear and I designed it this year. It's a dandelion, but people liked to call it Sputnik. The back of the shirt had everyone's name listed in alphabetical order.

Wesley, Ethan, and Logan...2nd Cousins

We had a couple of new cousins this year and you can see how cute they are. Very little interaction between them, but I'm sure that will change in the future.

GWG 2009 Family Photo

There are a lot of us that travel far to get to GWG and its great to get everyone together. Allison missed it because she is studying in Spain right now. Logan cried because he missed her, or maybe it was because his diaper was wet.

Sisters kissing their Father's head on Father's Day

All three of us at the Dining Room table for the first time.

Logan is learning his name right now. He's pretty consistent with looking at you when you say it unless he's focused on something else. He hasn't been crying for more than 1 minute when we lay him down awake for sleep, too. That's a blessed relief, but we'll see how long it lasts. He's going to be cutting his fourth tooth any day now. I can't believe how quickly the other 3 have been emerging. How do they grow so fast.

Last funny thing...We have been saying Logan's name and clapping and smiling when he looks at us as a kind of reward. Last night Logan kept looking at Nathan as he was getting his diaper changed and would start clapping and grinning at Nathan. I guess he thought a reversal was in order. This morning he would grin every time one of us looked at him. We may have to think of a new reward for name ackowledgement, but this one has been awfully fun!

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