August 11, 2009

Fun with Water

Logan in a Kiddy Pool

Logan tends to plateau developmentally and then all of a sudden acquire 10 new skills at once. He's done it again. He's been pulling up on my fingers to a standing position for a while now, but on Sunday he pulled himself up to standing all by himself on the back of the pew. He did it repeatedly throughout the service. The most exciting church service ever!

Yesterday our daycare provider was sick, so Nathan was lucky enough to spend the day with Logan. While Nathan attempted to get Logan to nap Logan started moving from a laying on his tummy position to a sitting position. Nathan did not manage to see him mid-act until I came home at night. Now he's doing a ton of combinations of things that he didn't even attempt 3 days ago. Of course he's getting into everything now. His favorite things to bite flip-flops, bits of grass brought in by the dog, and magazines.

His last spectacular feat was a bit of mimicry. I walked around a corner into Logan's view while he played last night and said, "Ta Dah". He looked up at me with a grin and replied "Ah Dah!, Ah Dah!" I then started saying "Ma Ma" to see if he would mimic me more and he paused for a couple of seconds and then started saying "Ma Ma Ma".

What makes babies so cute? I need to know.

I gave Nathan a guitar for our anniversary and Logan wants to help.


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