January 31, 2010

Dublin- Day 1


Nathan and I landed in Dublin this morning around 8:00 am after an uneventful flight.  We bought tickets to catch a city bus to the hotel, but after and hour we gave up and took a taxi.  We were exhausted after the flight as we didn't sleep at all during the 8 hours and it was about 3:00 am our time.


We are staying at the Croke Park Hotel in Dublin and it is pretty nice.  However, we spent the first 3 hours sleeping.
When we got up we went into the city centre and took a tour of the Trinity college library and hte Book of Kells (no photos were allowed).  Then we wandered on our way to another destination and did see a few interesting buildings like the random one below.


More later...

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Anonymous said...

The Book of Kells - sounds like a fantasy novel series