January 30, 2010



We tried something new on Thursday night.  We put some apple sauce into a bowl that suction cupped to Logan's high chair and gave him a spoon.  He managed to get all but one bite into his mouth.  I couldn't believe how well he did.  He was even able to hold the spoon the right way up!

Friday morning he had his check up.  He's a bit of a lightweight at 22 1/2 pounds and only in the 15th percentile, but his height is right at the 50th percentile.  I was talking to his daycare provider, Miss Suzanne, and she was wondering how he managed to eat so much and not gain weight.  He has a good appetite and I said that it must being going to brain power.  This about the little boy who's favorite thing to do is say "Ow" and hot himself on the head right now.  The "Ow" always comes first.

Friday night we had dinner with Nathan's parents at Chili's and Logan drank from a straw for the first really successful time.  He got so excited about it.  Straw's are pretty great.

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