January 19, 2010



Logan has been very busy lately trying to put on my shoes (photo above), learning to walk consistently, and not smiling at the camera. 
He does things every day that surprise me.  We were playing with some blocks and a plastic block that didn't match was in with the rest.  He picked it up and set it away from the other blocks because he knew it didn't go.  Yesterday, when I picked him up from daycare he was crawling around the room holding a car in each hand and rolling along on them.  Finally (my last anecdote), he found the dog's crate again and can now unlock it, crawl into it, shut the door, and giggle up a storm.  It is exactly the type of thing I did as a kid.


Temper tantrums are common at our house now.  Miss Suzanne (daycare) told me the other day that he managed to have a tantrum at a 2 year old level.  My child is advanced!

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