January 5, 2010

Our Happy Little Boy

Logan still prefers crawling to walking right now, but he has evolved his crawling into something new.  He now crawls on his hands and feet, but no knees.  It looks a little like a bear.  At times his feet get so far apart that he's almost doing a split.
Last night Nathan and I played a fun game with Logan.  It was "see which parent gets chewed up pretzel spit all over them".  Logan would crawl between us on the couch and talk and play while eating pretzels; inevitably the pretzels would not remain in his mouth for long.  It's hard to eat while you are busy giggling.

1 comment:

D said...

Don't count me in next time you play that game. Chewed up pretzel spit? Did you guys miss a boil your water advisory, or maybe you're using your cell phone too much?