April 8, 2009

Feet are Yummy

I have been attempting, over and over again, to post a video of Logan eating on this blog and it is not working. That is why I haven't been posting anything frequently.

Logan has been starting to brag his feet to suck on them now. I think it's really cute and look at those big feet!

Nathan turned 30 on March 24th and at dinner, with friends, the restaurant employees sang for Nathan and made him wear this beer mug hat. They, also, took a Polaroid of the occasion. Nathan was not happy. As he saw them approaching he said, "Oh s%$t!" That was funny.

I have a few photos of Logan on his calender below. Unfortunately, he's more than 5 months old, but it will have to do. He's getting more inquisitive everyday and is become a pro at lifting his head and chest when he's on his tummy. It's hard to see the change in length int his new photo because he's cheating and bending his legs.

Here's his response to new foods:
Peas- Yum
Green Beans- Yuck and cries
Sweet Potatoes- OK and talks a lot while eating them

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