March 23, 2009

Can You put Your Foot in Your Mouth?

This post will have to catch you up on a lot!

I was changing the 7th poopy diaper of Logan's a week ago Monday and he grabbed his foot and stuck it, sock and all, into his mouth. It was quite cute! That same night we fed Logan pees for the first time and he loved them. I have video of it and will attempt to post that soon. He likes to get them all over and insists on sticking his hands in his mouth. A couple of days ago he was so anxious to get more food that he attempted biting the bowl that Nathan was holding. I think he thought it was a spoon and that he should put it in his mouth.

Nathan turned 30 on March 24th. To help him celebrate our good friends from college came up last weekend. Donald and Liz have an adorable 9 month old girl, Abby. Poor Abby was ignored by Logan for the most part, but she tried to grab his eyes anyway. It was quite funny to see her lean into him and attempt to grab his face. He didn't care a bit.

Logan had a pretty nasty cold and his first ear infection a couple of weeks ago that he is completely through now. It's nice to get back to sleeping through the night. He slept for 10 1/2 hours last night and I had to wake him up. He's a sleeper just like me.

We delve into green beans tonight.

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