November 15, 2008

Santa Claus is a sporting store near you!

Nathan and I took Logan to meet Santa for the first time at Bass Pro Shop because they were handing out a free print of the photo session. I was quite impressed with Santa because he had a real beard and looked the part. We dressed Logan in his Christmas outfit and he looked quite cute in it.

Here's an amusing, if messy story for you...
We left Bass Pro Shop and Logan decided that he was upset and I had a guess that he had a wet diaper. We stopped at Taco Bell after much fussing for a "healthy" lunch and I changed Logan and then fed him in the car because he decided he was hungry. At one point he decided to take a little break from eating, but the milk decided that it needed to keep flowing and began to squirt everywhere. I was laughing and everyone was getting drenched, in my car. Nathan grabbed a spit up clothe and every thing was under control except for my laughter. Logan began to eat again, but I couldn't stop laughing because we were both covered in milk. I had milk and tears (from laughter) running on me at the same time. Let me reiterate that this is while I am in Taco Bell's parking lot, immediately facing a Gas Station/ White Castle.

When we got home I saw that Leo had commandeered the nursing pillow. He looks awfully cute on it.

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