November 11, 2008

Baby Burrito

My friend, Sarah, bought Logan this adorable Dinosaur outfit and I think it's one of Logan's favorites. At least it would be if he were able to focus on it.

The last few nights Logan has actually been sweet to us and has slept for a 5 hour shift and then a 3 hour shift. He has started staying awake more during the day. (Even if that does mean that he gets a little grumpy when he starts getting tired.) We swaddle Logan at night and we, subsequently, call him a "Baby Burrito"; he prefers to sleep in food form.

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Gwen said...

Logan is such a very sweet boy! Wesley has a dinosaur sleeper almost the exact same. That's exciting you are getting some more sleep. It will be really nice on the day when he starts getting a 7 or 8 hour stretch! We've even gotten lucky with a 10 hour stretch here and there!