August 15, 2008

Stubborn Placenta

At my latest OB appointment I found out that I DO NOT have Gestational Diabetes, so I went out and celebrated with ice cream ( not really). The doctor,also, discussed my placenta. She wasn't too concerned about its location and told me that I wouldn't need a c-section as long as things proceed normally during abnormal bleeding and stuff. I was happy to hear that. I'll still have another ultrasound, but it's nice to know I have options for a natural delivery if that placenta doesn't move. Stupid placenta, I think the fact that it's the lifeline to my baby has gone to its head and it thinks it can just hang out wherever it wants to.

I have 10 weeks left at this point and I've gained 18 pounds which means I'm "allowed" to gain 12 more pounds. I think that's doable.

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