August 8, 2008

Nursery Photos!

Sometimes the photos I take of myself turn out a bit interesting or I end up looking like I have 3 chins.

Below are the photos of our "completed" nursery. We haven't purchased a crib yet, so that's still missing from the room. Nathan had an old model airplane kit of a B-17, so I decided to put that together without its skin and hang it from the wall. The fan we installed is a little reminiscent of that, but I didn't include a photo of it. The walls are a light aqua color and carpet tiles from Flor are in a checkerboard pattern. It's hard to see, but above the white chair in the last photo you can see a sample of the jacks that I painted on the wall. I know it's hard to see as they are in white on an already light wall. The lighting was a bit tricky during lunch today, so the photos were a little difficult to come by. I will post more as the finishing touches are applied.

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