June 4, 2008

Halfway Through!

I am officially into maternity pants now and wore my first pair of bigger pants last Friday (6/30). They are much more comfortable than regular pants and for some reason they accent my belly more. Now why would that be? My coworkers keep looking at me and asking, in a serious manner, how I am doing. It's funny, where were they in the first trimester! I think because the belly is pretty obvious at this point that it reminds people that I actually am pregnant.

Our little boy is kicking at a regular pace and sometimes I can actually see the movement. It's pretty neat to see my skin moving when he does.

I had a follow-up appointment to my ultrasound last week and I gained my first bit of weight. I'm up a whole 2 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight!

Nathan and I went to a wedding a couple of weeks ago and he took some pictures of my belly. I'm at 18 weeks in the photo. The dress wasn't a maternity dress, but I thought it did the job.

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