April 9, 2008

We're Pregnant!

I woke up on Valentine's Day morning thinking that maybe I would go ahead and take that pregnancy test test. I got everything ready and then had to wait for the prescribed five minutes. Nathan was in the shower at this point. The timer beeped and I ran into the kitchen to look at the test that had been percolating with a sinking feeling in my stomach. Would it be positive like I wanted? I saw the faint line and I ran to the bathroom with a beaming smile on my face and I told Nathan, still in the shower, that I thought I was pregnant. I took another test to be safe, with the same positive results. I, then, proceeded to tell Nathan to hurry up and get out of the shower so that we could do a little dance together.

Around Week 6 Nathan and I met Ed and Doreen at Kelsey's for dinner. It was difficult to get all of us together that weekend because they had so much to do. Nathan and I decided that we would order our drinks first and then he would hand the onesie I made and wrapped up to mom. I had cross-stitched "little bitty witte" in orange onto a white onesie. He handed it to her and she was really confused about what it was. Then, when she finally opened it, she started crying and said to Ed that we were having a baby and she hugged Nathan and me through the tears. I started crying to, but she started it.

I had ordered a hydrangea plant to be delivered to my mother while she was home for lunch today that had a card that read "congratulations, we're expecting!” I got the call from her about a half an hour ago and I couldn't understand her because she was crying so much from joy. It was really touching and she's really excited about the pregnancy. Dad called while I was still on the phone with her, so I transferred over to him and he was really excited too. He said that when mom called him he was really worried because she was crying and he couldn't understand what she was saying. He said that he thought the animals got out and that something bad had happened until he was able to piece together "Robin...baby!" He said he has never seen her like that before and that she is so excited, he is too. They are going to try and come up this spring to see us.

Nathan and I are now 12 weeks pregnant and very excited about the upcoming birth around October 22nd. We are attempting to take photos of the pregnancy every few weeks or so to show the progress and you can see Week 10 and Week 12 on this post.

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