October 19, 2011

Logan shares his Birthday

On Sunday, October 16th, we had planned on celebrating Logan's 3rd birthday. Liam had other plans and decided it was the day he was going to be born... Liam was 4 weeks early, 6 lbs 2oz and 19".

Liam spent some time with us in the recovery room, Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Ben and Logan came to visit. Grandma brought along Logan's birthday presents so he could open them. While getting cleaned up in the nursery, Liam had some rapid breathing so he was sent over to the NICU where they could monitor him more closely.

Liam spent a night and day in the NICU. His breathing improved, blood oxygen levels stayed up, and he showed he could eat so then he was cleared to go back with us.

We all got to go home on Tuesday. Grandma had to run to the store to buy a smaller outfit for Liam to go home in. The outfit that Robin had packed for Liam to come home in was too big.

Tuesday night we decided Logan should have his cake. Robin had made a giant cupcake carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. Logan's favorite part was the alligator candle holder. "Rarrr!"


Don said...

You'll probably need a few more outfits now?

Scott said...

Excellent pictures you guys. Sounds like Liam already has you on your toes. Happy Birthday to Logan and Welcome to Liam. I look forward to meeting him soon.