April 26, 2010

New Camera

Nathan and I picked up my new camera that I won by becoming sponsored by Prilosec OTC.  It ROCKS!  We are still playing with it, but I am loving all of the features and the quality of the camera.

The only bad thing is that it picks up every little detail.  You can clearly see all of the food on Logan's face, not to mention the dried on saliva and snot.

Logan's take on Surrealism via Mr. Potato Head

We pulled out Mr. Potato Head this weekend for Logan to play with.  He certainly had fun with it and I think he has a thing for the eyes.  We have a good size collection of accessories from Disney World a few years ago, so I've been a little anxious to play with it too.  They have neat things like a pirate kit, Tinkerbell wings, Mad Hatter Hat, and a lot more for a decent price.

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Susan said...

I submitted my vote. You, indeed, have a special mother-in-law.