March 7, 2010

Dublin-Day 4 (This is the End)

Malahide Shore

Christchurch Cathedral

Christchurch Cathedral Crypt

Dublin at Night

Nathan and I walked around the little town of Malahide and went to the shore to see the view and the docks.  We caught the train back to Dublin after our excursion and tackled the last few places to see.

We went over to Christchurch Cathedral and really enjoyed the walk inside this huge church.  A great guide was provided and it explained all fo the areas of the church.  We went down into the crypt, which had a number of church artifacts and crypts on display.

After the church tour, we went into an adjacent part of the church to look for something in the Duvlinia gift shop.  We were guided through the back parts of this children's museum by an employee of the museum and I swear it took 15 minutes.  We were completely lost as to hwo to get out that we went the wrong way and then took advantage of that fact to climb about 5 flights of stairs to the top of a tower, where we took some nice photos.  We, then, figured out how to get out.  How confusing.

Our last night in Dublin ended with us having a dinner of fish and chips from Leo Burdock's and it was huge!  We should have shared one.

By this point we were exhausted and missing Logan to the extreme so we headed back to the hotel, slept, and flew home to our little man.

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