February 17, 2010

Dublin- Day 2 Cont.

St. Patrick's Cathedral

Interior of St. Patrick's Cathedral
We headed over to St. Patrick's Cathedral after our Guinness tour.  It is the largest church in Ireland and has been called an early gothis style, but I would say that it definitely leans more towards the Romanesque.  It was quite dreary outside hte cathedral and tended to look the same inside.  Nathan and I wandered around the cathedral and, pretty much, had the place to ourselves.  A memorial and grave to Jonathan Swift, the writer of Gulliver's travels was right inside the cathedral by the entrance.  A portion of the cathedral appeared to be a temporary storage area with a bunch of boxes stacked around.  I didn't know what to think about that.

Whitefriar Church- St. Valentine's Bones
We took a quick walk over to the Whitefriar Church to see St. Valentine's bones.  Alas they are under a table in a wood box.  It's hard to look through solid wood.  Oh well.

It was getting a little late, but we decided to walk over to St. Stephen's Green and managed to walk through for about 10 minutes before a policeman kicked us out as the park closes at dusk.  We, then, bought some awesome hot chocolate and white chocolate biscuit at Butler's Chocolate Cafe.  Yummy!  We walked through the nearby shopping district shown below on Grafton Street.


O'Neill's Pub

We ate dinner at O'Neill's Pub, I had the corned beef!  It was a really nice and easy way to have dinner in a relaxing environment.  We popped over to the Arlington Hotel for a few pints after dinner and walked back to our hotel, with a few photos along the way.

That 2-decker bus must be going fast

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