February 10, 2010

Dublin- Day 1 (Completed!)

Waterford Crystal Chandelier- Dublin Castle

Large Ballroom/ State Room- Dublin Castle

Alley at Dublin Castle
After the newer, Georgian, portion of the castle tour, we went down into the bowels of the castle and saw the 13th century, Norman, portion of the foundation and originally exterior wall along the moat.  The water still resides under the castle and is a bit murky.

Norman Foundation
We headed to the Temple Bar area for and did a little shopping and watched a few traditional Irish music street performances.  We, then, headed to dinner at The Shack, which was really good!

Palace Bar- Temple Bar District

Having a Pint at Palace Bar

Ceiling/Skylight- Palace Bar
Nathan and I hung out at Palace Bar for a bit and listened to a live Traditional Music Session.  It was a very casual atmosphere with musicians gradually joinignt he group, talking over the music, and people milling about and watching.  We really enjoyed it.

Day 2- Tomorrow

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