October 20, 2009

Can I Grin Any Bigger?

I tend to get into a blogging mood, so I am submitting a new entry today on top of the submission yesterday. Don't forget to scroll down if you missed the Birthday Party pictures!

Logan likes to play my harp.

Looking at pumpkins and getting very excited.

One of Logan's favorite toys is Clyde's crate.

My little baby is 1 now and I can't believe it. Nathan and I have been looking through the video we have made of him the past year (a few hours of it). He has grown so fast and I've loved every minute of it.

On Sunday we were in the car and I looked back at Logan and asked him where is pacifier was. He looked back at me and held it up in his hand! I was floored. I couldn't believe that he actually responded to that question.

He's getting very good at repeating words. He loves to say "up" and "down" as he bounces around. He likes to say "hi" back to people too.

A week ago, Monday, Logan started pointing. I've been waiting and worrying a bit about this milestone. I knew that he was supposed to do it before his 1 year birthday and boy did he push it. Now he's a pro and pointing at everything and hearing every thing's name.

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