January 1, 2009

Newly Baptized for the New Year

2008 was a life changing year for us as we welcomed Logan into our family. He is sleeping 6 to 8 hour stretches at night, but brought in the New Year with a 9 hour stretch of sleep last night! He loves to smile and talk to us now. We are trying to get him interested in his play gym, but it's a slow process at this point. Logan detests tummy time and fusses when we lay him on his tummy, unless it's to sleep on his Mommy. He's not a bit spoiled!

We had Logan baptized in Fort Wayne on December 28th and a large group of Nathan's family was able to attend. You can see Logan's Godparents above (Ben and Allison) and his Grandparents below. He was a good boy for the ceremony and didn't even cry. We had lunch with everyone at Flat Top Grill afterwards and we brought a cake from Walmart.
When ordering the cake I had to correct the baker's spelling of Baptism twice and when we picked up the cake I realized that they had added the decoration of a Rosary necklace to the cake. Too bad we aren't Catholic. We ate that part of the cake first.

What a happy little man!

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