October 16, 2008

Is This It?

As I mentioned earlier, my doctor stripped my membrane at my office appointment today. I've had a little bit of spotting due to that, which is normal. I noticed after dinner that I was cramping every once in a while and I thought they might actually, gasp, be contractions. The doctor warned me that I might actual feel one of those too.

If you look at the time stamp of this post you will see that it's after 2:00 am. I went to sleep at 9:00 pm because I was a little more tired than usual. Nathan came to bed at some point and then I was noticing that I was using the restroom a lot. Something kept waking me up and at first I thought that the stripped membrane was just hurting. I looked at my watch thinking that it was 4:00 am and it was actually 12:45 am. I tried going back to sleep, but realized that that wasn't going to happen as I was having contractions. I decided to get up and start timing them. Nathan is asleep upstairs and I am using the internet as a stop watch.

My contractions are 5 minutes apart for 1 minute long and have been for the last hour. I'm waiting, per the doctor's orders, to go in to the hospital when they are 3 minutes apart for 1 hour. They are definitely strong right now, but not too bad. It's a cramping sensation that has a peak and then subsides and my abdomen tightens as well. The contractions have actual begun to progress to more of 4-5 minutes apart by now. It's nice that the hospital is only 1 minute away. Even if the contractions started coming much faster I think it would be pretty impossible to have the baby on the way. It takes longer for me to walk to the car than it does for me to drive to the hospital!

Now here is the silly thing. I came downstairs and turned on the TV, pulled up the internet for the stop watch and then started looking up the signs for real labor. It's funny, because the contractions really can't be anymore regular, but I'm still paranoid that I'll end up going to the hospital for nothing.

I can't wait to call our family and tell them that Logan is on his way!

PS: Don't worry, I'll write to this blog this morning if this turns out to be false labor, so you won't be misled. If I haven't written after this post, you can expect to see a picture of Logan as the next post!


Anonymous said...

Good Luck My friend!

Lisa said...

Yippee!! I told you that stripping of the membrane gets it going. I can't wait to meet Logan.

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Anonymous said...

I can't wait to hear more!