September 22, 2008

One Month Left!

I have exactly a month until my due date and last night I celebrated the occasion by waking up multiple times with horrible acid reflux.

Nathan thinks it's funny to say offensive things to me about my pregnancy and sometimes I agree. One of things he said that wasn't offensive took place during our birthing class and it was silly. The teacher was describing the role of a doula and how some couples choose to hire one. Nathan's response was..."We don't need a mint julep." That made me laugh.

The hallway to our bathroom is painted! This means that our upstairs drywall and painting is done. All we have left is...painting and installing baseboard, bedroom shelving, installing carpet, installing closet shelving, putting up one more light, and putting up the handrail.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

sounds like a crappy celebration to me. next time try candles or something

and skip the baseboard - just makes me feel bad for not putting any up in my kitchen.