September 4, 2008

Bassinet is Completed!

I have been looking and drooling over fancy bassinets for a while now, but could not justify spending $500 for a piece of furniture that our baby would use for a couple of months. So, I started looking at cheaper options and was not too pleased with what I saw. Cheaper options that weren't too frou-frou for my taste were still $200 and I just wasn't too excited about them. Knowing that Nathan's time is limited, I drew up a design of a bassinet that I ripped off from a modern baby company and asked Nathan to create it for me. He was able to use one sheet of plywood, stained it with two different shades, and completed it in a little over a week. We managed to create a bassinet for about $30 that sells for $500 online (with slight changes).

I'm really happy with the result! Nathan did a great job. Right now it's sitting in the nursery, but will be moved soon. I finally ordered a crib Saturday night, so that should arrive in a couple of weeks.

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