August 25, 2008

The Stuff that Dreams are Made Of

I haven't really been having any crazy baby dreams so far, but I did have one the other night that I'll relate. I was doing nothing much in my dream and I looked down and our little boy was pressing out so much that I could see the outline of all his features. It was like he was encased fully in my skin, but outside the normal range of my belly. I looked down and said,"Oh, so that's what he looks like" and then he went back in. Strange dream.

Nathan had a dream a couple of weeks ago where he had put the baby in a strange pack-n-play that was a few feet too short and had a lid. Our baby kept trying to stand up, but there wasn't enough head room. Don't worry, readers, we tested out our pack-n-play this weekend and it is the right height with no strange lid.

Stay tuned for another ultrasound photo this week as we find out if that darned placenta has moved 7 millimeters.

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Anonymous said...

Wow- So what I wonder, is...did Nathan have that pack-and-play dream right after I purchased that, or before he knew I got it? Also, did the baby look pretty cute when you saw his features? Then I wonder, What have you guys been eating?