July 21, 2008

Baby on Board

I have a couple of appointments this week so you might actually be seeing a few more posts than usual.Listen to my debacle: Tuesday I try calling the lab I use to see if I need to fast for my glucose test (gestational diabetes test). My lab request form states that it is not a fasting test, but I wanted to make sure. No one answered my call so I left a message. Wednesday arrived and I decided to get the lab work done without getting a call back from the lab. So, of course I got to the lab and they asked if I fasted. I hadn't. The lab tech. then told me that I probably would want to if I wanted accurate results and that I probably should come back. The lab is about a 1/2 an hour away, so that was a wasted trip. C'est la vie. I got the lab work done on Friday, after fasting. It wasn't really that big of a deal, but kind of annoying. My experience with the glucose test wasn't too bad. I had to drink the sugary concoction down and wait 1 hour to get blood taken. I took one sip and thought that the drink wasn't too bad. I had changed my opinion by the last sip. Nasty stuff. I actually grabbed some breakfast after I left and I still couldn't get rid of the sugary flavor until lunch. One last note about the lab: The tech. tried was going to draw blood before the test and I commented on that. She then said, "Oh maybe I should look at the doctor's request". She then saw that she wasn't supposed to draw blood before, but only after the test. Crises averted!

Nathan has been working on the nursery this past week. We're painting the walls a light aqua color and I was putting on some decorative touches yesterday. Don't worry I know I'm not supposed to be painting! I'm hoping we can complete the nursery this week and then tours can take place. I'm thinking that we might purchase our crib at the last minute though to take advantage of the deal that Babies R Us has. If you have stuff left over on your registry you can purchase it with a 10% discount at the end of the pregnancy. Not too bad of a deal.

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D said...

Yeah - fantastic deal. Corporate sends you a coupon. But they send you that based on when you say your due date is. We changed ours last minute and never picked up the coupon. Oh well though. It was only 20 bucks after we used gift cards and returns.

We picked up the Jardine crib. Capri the model, I think.