June 23, 2008

Various Items

I have said farewell to my belly button as I can't really see more than it's outline at this point. It might be a breeding ground for lint and I would be none-the-wiser.

My appetite has been increasing and I definitely need to eat more often now or my stomach protests. I wake up in the morning and I can barely make it through my shower without the baby demanding that I eat something. He's my little protester and it's a good thing he's not a twin or he would be rallying his sibling to form a strike. He's kicking right now in agreement.

A little good news: Our friends Donald and Liz (in Cincinnati) just had a little girl, named Abigail, on Monday. Everyone is healthy and doing fine; if a little sleepy. I could hear her in the background as I was talking to Donald and she sounded very cute. Donald did email me a link to a few photos but I am unable to copy them and post them here.
I have been compiling items for our nursery I bought the above print and framed it for our little boy. I'll keep posting items so that some of you who are far away can see the little things that will go into my obsession over the nursery.

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the owls are very cute