April 25, 2008

It's Week 14...

I have finally put on a new photo (sorry it took so long, Mom). The bad news is that I am wearing a black shirt today and it makes it a little more difficult to see. I actually don't see too much of a difference between now and 2 weeks ago. I little more belly, but it's hard to see with my self-photography. I do what I can! The trick si seeing how many different views of my office you can see while still having a location to balance my camera and set the timer. I promise to wear some better colors for future pictures that show off my more rotund midsection.
In non-baby news (is there such a thing?!) I attended a chamber event last night an managed to win a gigantic picnic basket of Harry and David products and I, also, won a gift certificate to Olive Garden! A very productive night in terms of goodies!

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Steve said...

Hey, we have http://ittybittywitte.blogspot about our baby born August 2007. This is funny.

-Steve Witte